Doctor Lancelot has decided to sacrifice himself for our heroes, Juliet is having a BSOD again, and the crowd is finally hopeful that no one will die tonight. Let’s see how well this goes, shall we?

Whelp, and Lancelot’s been shot. That’s as good a start to the episode as any, I suppose.

Doctor Lancelot may be dressed like the Red Whirlwind, but he’s no fighter. So all he can really do is convince the Carabinieri to release the prisonners, and then immolate himself on the pyre they’ve set to deny them the satisfaction of killing him themselves. Once again, Juliet tries to run into the square but Francisco and Currio hold her back as she and the crowd screams.

Romeo happens to be flying by (do we sense a pattern here?) and goes to see what the blaze is about. The captain of  the guard tells him that the Red Whirlwind is dead, and Romeo leaves in complete denial.

But soft! Who is that moping in the distance? Why, Odin, of course! It turns out Romeo did have his suspicions that Juliet/Odin was the Red Whirlwind, and he’s glad to see this isn’t the case.

Juliet, feeling guilty and self-destructive at the moment, replies that “the Red Whirlwind stands before you” and flips off the balcony like she’s Batman or something.

Screenshot (33)

#Running away from my problems

Romeo is just – what else? – confused. Romeo is always confused. It might as well be his defining character trait at this point.

The next morning we find out that riots exploded through the city all night in retribution for the Red Whirlwind’s death and the capture of all these innocent people. Benvolio’s father was the one responsible for dealing with the situation, so I guess he is in charge of the Carabinieri? But then Benvolio also says that the captain was acting without his father’s approval, so how exactly did that happen? How do you arrest a bunch of people and threaten to set them on fire without your superior finding out about it?

I’m asking for a friend.

The nobles are assembling to discuss the recent events, and we find out that Benvolio’s father is actually the city mayor, meaning that he is in charge of the Carabinieri and the Justice system. I am vindicated. This also makes me wonder what the frick all the other nobles do, aside from drinking wine and showing up at the assemblies.

Montague wants to make the Carabinieri fully independent, meaning they’ll be judge, jury and excecutioner of the citizenry. He also wants to make a home guard formed of ordinary citizens under the direct supervision of the Carabinieri, to basically encourage people to rat out their neighbours.

So basically this:


I am the Law

Mixed with this:


I have no snarky caption for this. It was just horrible.

The Lord Mayor helpfully explains why this is a terrible idea: the people already resent the Carabinieri, the Carabinieri have proven that they disreguard orders and do whatever they want already, and the home guard will increase tensions among the citizens until ordinary people are at each other’s throats. Basically, riots, riots, and more riots.

Montague’s reply is basically: “Yeah, well what if I strip you of all your titles and banish you from court? Oh wait, I just did. Anyone else want to argue with me?”

Romeo is understandably pissed off that his dad just banished his best friend’s family and wants to turn Neo Verona into a dystopia, but can’t do anything about it.

Back in the city, Odin is slowly coming to terms with Doctor Lancelot’s death and the “death” of his Red Whirlwind persona.

Oh, and we find out that Francisco is a total ladies man. Like, complete-strangers-throw-flowers-at-you-in-the-streets-while-squeeling-about-how-perfect-you-are, type of ladies man.

Screenshot (34)

And he gives it right back to them.  

Currio is just annoyed at the display, and it gives me joy.

Benvolio and his family are leaving the palace, and he and Romeo exchange a fond farewell. It’s sweet, and I get the distinct feeling that Benvolio’s going to die.

Doctor Lancelot’s wife and kids are getting ready to leave for the country with some help from Odin and co. The kids think their father is staying behind to help the sick people of Neo Verona, but it’s implied the wife pieced together what has happened and doesn’t blame Odin for it at all. Guys, my heart is breaking. Guys.

On the way back, our  group is approached by a mysterious muppet in a black coat and scarf, who tells them Benvolio’s family is walking into a trap.

And wouldn’t you know it, the trap is being sprung at this very moment! The guards Montague sent to escort them out of the city are now turning on the former mayor and his family. But hark! ‘Tis bold Odin and his companions to the rescue, and we see that while the Red Whirlwind may be dead, Juliet hasn’t lost her resolve or her skills.

Screenshot (35)

Boss Ass Bitch

Unfortunately in her efforts to protect Benvolio’s family she ends up cornered.  Francisco and Currio are both too far and otherwise occupied to help her, but then…

Screenshot (36)

A shadowy figure to the rescue!

This is perhaps the first time the ending song has been remotely fitting to the episode.

Hark! ‘Tis the Plot:

  • Who is the mysterious shadow figure? Who was the muppet? Were they the same person? Are they friend or foe? The shadow guy is in the opening sequence, so I’m guessing he’s mildly important.
  • Will Benvolio join the Capulet rebels, or will he die as my feelings so tensely predicted?

Random notes:

  • “Oh, I am slain!” wins this round for best out-of-context Shakespeare reference.
  • I think I’m starting to have another OTP, guys. Currio and Francisco totally have feelings for one another. And I’m not saying that just because those guys:  Screenshot (37)remind me far too much of these guys:  kurofai-1
  • Well, okay, maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m saying it.
  • I’ve never mentioned this before, but the music has been very good in the last few episodes. I’ve started listening to it as background music when I write, very soothing.