Let’s see how my children have fared since last time, huh?

Well, Juliet still hasn’t recovered from her BSOD and is still sitting next to the canal with an injured doctor. Currio and Francisco manage to find them, but all Juliet can seem to muster is a folorn look at Romeo’s departing dragonsteed.

Oh, okay. So everyone is still sad, then? That’s cool.

Romeo has ordered Benvolio’s dad to release Doctor Lancelot by claiming he was only a decoy for the Red Whirlwind and didn’t know the gravity of the situation. Benvolio’s dad obliges, so I think he might be in charge of the justice system? Or maybe the city guards?

And then…

Friar Lawrence is a spy? Or at the very least, in leagues with the city guard to help them find the Red Whirlwind. So I guess we know who betrayed the doctor last episode. It’s unclear just how willing Friar Lawrence is in this whole thing, but if the city guards do have spies everywhere, then it’s yet another reason why Doctor Lancelot’s wife really should not be blabbing about her husband’s illegal activities to total strangers. Common sense here, people.

Conrad is (what else?) angry at Juliet for risking her life saving the doctor. She doesn’t seem to care about that, but does confront him about his Capulet revolution plot. Conrad still seems convinced that getting rid of the Montagues is the right thing to do, while Juliet protests that it’s nothing more than revenge. What good would it actually do anyone to see Montague dead?

Uh, well quite a bit actually. He’s a really shitty ruler who lets his people starve because he can’t be bothered to help them, bullies the nobility when they make valid points about his methods of governance, and is abusive to his son and (it’s implied) his wife. I mean, deposing him at least would make a world of good for Neo Verona. Though Juliet does make a good point about Conrad’s motivation being mostly revenge, and the slaughter of the entire Montague family really is unecessary.

Still, Conrad sends her to her room. Because you can proclaim her the leader of your revolution, but you can’t actually start treating her like an adult, right?

Meanwhile, Romeo and Benvolio are having a chat in the stables. Benvolio says he was “almost worried” when he heard Romeo had fallen into one of the canals while swordfighting a known criminal, which makes me think Romeo doing reckless things really is par for the course around here.

Romeo doesn’t understand how someone constantly opposing the city guard and stealing food from the nobles could possibly be considered a bad thing by his father – look buddy, there’s a difference between agreeing with what the Red Whirlwind does and not understanding the concept of laws. Benvolio starts to suspect that Romeo let the Red Whirlwind go on purpose, and admonishes Romeo for saying such things where others could hear. (Since they’re alone in what appears to be Romeo’s personnal stables, does that mean Montague has spies everywhere?) He points out that Romeo will one day rule Neo Verona, but that until then he can’t really change anything: his father is still in charge. Romeo doesn’t like that, but at least seems to realize there’s some truth to it.

Juliet is still in her room, and she’s…

Screenshot (18)

Oh, okay. Still moping, I see.

The next morning, the city guard are arresting a man on suspicion of being the Red Whirlwind. Antonio and Doctor Lancelot look on gravely as the man is publicly whiped for his imaginary crimes.

The city guard has offered a bounty on the Red Whirlwind (really? They hadn’t done that before?) and arresting anyone that’s accused. Since anyone with information receives the money, and there seem to be no consequences for falsely accusing someone, the starving people all jump over each other to hand over their neighbours in exchange for a bag of money.

Juliet has finally left her room, and Odin sneaks down the stairs to the theatre in a heavy cloak to avoid detection. That’s not enough to escape William, who diagnoses the young lad with being in love (even though William doesn’t even know that Odin is seeing anyone. He and Mama Montague should open a Private Eye/Matchmaking service together.) Odin’s protests only confirms his suspicions, and when Odin asks him not to tell anyone where he’s going, William obviously thinks it’s a secret rendez-vous because he gives a knowing wink as Odin passes him.

I have the feeling William is actually a lot more perceptive than he looks. Or that he’s read the script.

While Juliet’s destination was actually her parent’s grave (because she wanted to mope some more, obviously), guess who she finds there? You guessed it, Romeo! Why is Romeo in an abandonned Capulet cemetary? Because his horse also read the script, and knew that it was time for the two lovers to meet again, obviously.

Since Juliet is dressed as a boy, she figures she can approach him safely enough. Romeo just wants to leave the poor mourner alone, but his dragonsteed decides he needs to inspect his master’s new flame a little more closely before he can give his blessing.

Screenshot (19)

And you need to bring him home before eight, understood?

But Juliet passes the test, and Romeo is so amused at his dragonsteed’s newfound affection for a total stranger that he offers Odin a ride. Odin accepts (because when your love is forbidden, you take dates wherever you can get them right?) Once they’re all pressed up together on the saddle (which is a romantic concept, I know, but maddly uncomfortable in real life), Romeo notices that Odin smells like irises, and… Seriously Romeo, do you not recognize him? I mean, I understand that you wouldn’t necessarily equate the Red Whirlwind with Juliet because then she’s a) dressed as a boy and b) dressed as the Red Whirlwind, but how do you not see Odin and realize he’s the Red Whirlwind? Or at least have suspicions? The Red Whirlwind costume is just a domino mask and a hat.

Screenshot (24)

And it’s not like you two haven’t been really, really close before.

Anyways, we already knew Romeo was clueless. Then we get this little gem:

Romeo: Sorry about that! He’s usually much more well-behaved.

Odin, smiling: I know that.

Romeo: What?

Odin: What.

As our two heros enjoy a nice dragonsteed ride over the city.

On the ground, the situation has gotten worse: the city is being torn apart by the new search for the Red Whirlwind. Cordelia tells Antonio not to mention anything about this situation to Juliet, so that she won’t get herself into any more trouble.

Meanwhile, back to the romance plot:

Screenshot (20)

I can show you the wooooooooorld…

Romeo and Odin admit to each other that they have no desire to go home, so they decide to keep flying until they find an abandonned cottage on the edges of the city. By then it’s pouring rain, so they go in to dry themselves.

Cordelia and Antonio are just now realizing that Juliet isn’t home, BTW. How long has it been since they’ve gone to check on her up in her room?

Back at the cottage, Juliet is not-so-subtly watching Romeo take his clothes off to dry them by the fire.

Screenshot (21)

“Bringing Sexy Back” playing in the background

She takes advantage of Romeo stepping out to take care of his horse to finally undress herself, and even decides her wig needs some drying by the fire. Except that this is the moment Romeo decides to walk in…

He immediately recognizes Juliet (oh, now you have observation skills). She, on the other hand, is suddenly too clumsy to avoid falling into the fire, so Romeo needs to leap to her rescue. And… oh.

Screenshot (22)


Screenshot (23)


Hark! ‘Tis the Plot:

  • Apparently most of the oppressive laws passed on the city are a direct result of Montague’s paranoia about the Capulet girl. Which makes me wonder: is he looking for Juliet because she’s a lingering political threat, as I first thought, or because he guenuinely hates the Capulets so much he wants them all dead, no exceptions? Because I would think not angering your subjects is a more pressing political problem than finding the other heir to the throne.

Random notes:

  • The wanted posters for the Red Whirlwind are in italian, which makes sense if Neo Verona is based on Italy. Just another nice detail that fleshes out this world.
  • “An iris by any other name would smell as sweet.” Are you kidding me with this guys?
  • When Romeo asks Odin if he’s ever flown before, he says “Just once.” D’aaaawww. They’re giving me cavities, guys.